Aerospace products are engineered with a higher level of complexity and specification. As an AS 9100D certified contract manufacturer, our skilled engineers, production and QC personnel work diligently to achieve the highest level of quality and manufacturing efficiency to deliver unrivalled premium quality products through the use of advanced CNC machinery and processes.





Our versatile precision machining capabilities employs some of the most advanced machining technologies today, where we have the knowledge and equipment to produce very precise components and subassemblies for the semi conductor industry.


Using our advanced CNC machining capabilities, we help customers in the Optics industry meet their prototype and production needs. Our CMM technology additionally ensures your optical component fully complies to your specifications.



Our experience with machining parts out of medical grade materials like Titanium, 316 Stainless Steel and PEEK supported by our advanced CNC machine tools that delivers tight tolerance components with quick turn-around times allows us to work with a growing customer base from the medical technology industry.


Our advanced CNC machining processes and quality system integrating Process FMEA & raw material traceability and supported by our Smart visual factory system assures our customers the entire manufacturing process is monitored and controlled for right quality on-time delivery every time.


Oil & Gas

We produce critical API standards components with exacting tolerances for leading Oil & Gas industry players using our advanced CNC machining capabilities on high strength materials such as Hastelloy, Inconel and Monel. Our ISO 9001:2015 procedures ensure full material traceability and complete metallurgical test reports demanded by our customers.