Singapore's Precision Engineering as a Leading Regional Hub for Advanced Manufacturing

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Singapore’s sophisticated precision engineering capabilities and our strengths as a leading regional hub for advanced manufacturing. Some fun facts that you may not know:


of wire bonders used in the global semiconductor industry is produced in Singapore. We also account for 10% and 30% of global output for refrigeration compressors and hearing aids respectively.



of global semiconductor equipment output is from Singapore



out of the top 10 wafer fabrication equipment companies procure significantly from Singapore-based suppliers.



In Singapore, over 2,700 Precision Engineering firms supply critical products and expertise needed to manufacture complex components and equipment used in industries such as semiconductors, medical technology, marine, offshore and aerospace. These precision companies have a full suite of design, prototyping, production and supply chain management capabilities. Manufacturers can easily find a “total solution” here, rather than to source from multiple suppliers. Likewise at Shine Precision Engineering, we strive to provide customers with a one-stop service provider. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!

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